We are competent to provide assistance on any of the following insurances:
  • Cars and other land vehicles insurance;
  • Third Party Liability Insurance of Motorists;
  • Accident and sickness insurance;
  • Life insurance;
  • Fire, Natural disasters and other damages to property insurance;
  • Goods in transit insurance ("Cargo" and "Carriers’ Liability");
  • General Third Party Liability insurance;
  • Employer’s liability insurance;
  • Professional liability insurance of lawyers, auditors, architects, civil engineers, doctors, etc.;
  • Products’ Liability insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
Depending on each case particularity we may offer:
  • advice and legal opinion on  your claim according to your insurance contract and applicable general terms and conditions;
  • assessment of damaged property by independent loss adjusters/ experts in case of dispute about insurance value;
  • filing of and handling of your claim and representation before insurer, the Guarantee Fund or National Bureau of Bulagarian Motor Insurers.
  • negotiating settlement of your claim with appropriate and equitable compensation and when necessary arrange for interim payments;
  • when you have filed your claim yourself, we shall draft and lodge a complaint before the insurer that provided you partial or unfair compensation or have refused unreasonably your claim;
  • we may ensure correct and lawful handling of your outstanding claim, as well as initiate  reconsideration of your claim by the insurer in case of unfair decision;
  • we may recommend the services of recognized solicitors to assist with any of your claims against insurers as well as we may defend your interest in case of recourse on behalf of insurer against you.